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Format Staff Application Requirements/Tips

Discussion in 'Apply for Staff Format' started by Melodaze, Jul 27, 2016.

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    Jul 25, 2016
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    Staff Application

    Before applying, make sure these apply to you or your application will be instantly denied.

    Applicant Requirements:
    • You must have Discord Active).​
    • You must have at least 10 forum posts.
    • You must 13+ years of age.
    • You must wait a week after rejection to reapply!
    • You must be able to record and upload a video as evidence when banning players.
    • You must have had a forum account for more than a week to apply.

    Applicant Tips:
    • Include your IGN (in game name) so we can contact you.
    • Have your age and the top three game modes you are MOST active on.
    • Include your time zone and your schedule for the weekdays/weekends.
    • State why you should be staff, what makes you different?
    • If we comment on your application, read it, it may help you for your next application (if needed). Do not comment on your own application once feedback is left.
    • Be patient, we get many applications a day.
    • Have good grammar and be mature, remember we are a child-friendly network and there may be people younger than you. People will look up to people like you.
    • Be unique, we don't want generic answers, give us reasons for YOU to be staff.
    • Be honest, this will show how you will take being staff.
    Remember, staff is not some role, but a duty.


    *NOTE* Don't put your FULL name in your application!

    Also, inquiring about your staff application in any way to a member of staff will result in an instant denial. Please provide thorough explanations and put time and effort into your application.

    Best of luck,
    The IDMC Network
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