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* Special thanks to @DaskDaze for taking the screenshots!
To the beloved players of our network: First of all, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, and I hope you had a great Hanukkah!

We are interrupting your day to announce two impending resets on our way! Before I begin, I'd like to give special thanks to our ex-builders: AbbeTheChicken, Mwolbom, and DeadInside_. Without their dedication and effort to the network, many of our spawns and PvP arenas would not be possible. I wish them the best of luck with their future endeavors, and words cannot express our gratitude for their hard work! I'd also like to take this time to officially announce and congratulate our Sr. Mod, Sqmantha, on becoming our new Head Builder! He will be keeping the build team in check as well as possibly recruiting new members to the team. If you have any questions regarding the Build Team or anything along those lines, feel free to send him a message!

Anyways, allow me to elaborate on these resets. There is currently no ETA for it, but our current plan for IDMC is to introduce different realms (essentially, seasons). Our first "realm" will be aquatic themed, meaning that our first two resets will have some sort of "aquatic-ness" to it. Now, you may be wondering which two game modes are getting reset. This may come as a shock to some of you, but we've decided to reset Normal Survival (nSurvival) and SurvivalRP (it will become cSurvival [Custom Survival] once again). We have high hopes and huge plans for these game modes. They will most likely reset early 2019 (January/February), and the start of the rebrand will come January 1st, 2019. I'll give you the basic rundown on both game modes; there will be more information to come!

Both nSurvival and cSurvival will be updated to version 1.13. It will include:
  • easier navigation
  • new detailed statistics
  • over 200 quests
  • new donator perks
  • bar gambling
  • new economy (no spawners, using the token shop and other...


Hey IDMC Network!

Today, we will be hosting a build competition. The theme will be, “Holiday Builds”. Essentially, you can build anything holiday related. However, if you want a chance for your build to be showcased in our upcoming Christmas lobby, you may also build a Christmas tree. The only requirement is that your build is within 40 blocks wide and 100 blocks tall. By entering this competition, you may also earn the chance of becoming a Builder on the network!

Winners will be chosen by the build quality. The overall goal is to make your plot stand out from the rest whilst sticking to the holiday theme. Build whatever you want and we will compare creativity, complexity, and style.

The competition will last for one week. You will be messaged if you win by next week, December 9, 2018. I wish you all the best of luck, may the best builds win! Start now by running the command, /build, upon joining the network (PC). Feel free to showcase any of your builds in our #builds chat on our public Discord.

* If you are building with multiple people, you might not be eligible to win certain prizes unless it's apparent of what you built.



From now until next week, December 9, 2018, a fan art challenge will be held. The theme will be, “Holiday Art”. Essentially, you can draw anything holiday related, but have some correlation to iDeactivateMC. By submitting your art, you may earn the chance to be featured in one of iDeactivateMC’s videos as well as earning a rank on the IDMC Network (VIP+)! Art can be digital or hand-drawn, whichever one you prefer.

You will submit your art in the #fan_art channel on our public...

Today, I proudly introduce a new game mode that we have been working on for quite some time. Introducing:

BattleGrounds is a free for all PvP server where you can grief and be as destructive as you would like. The objective is to earn tokens, buy items, and PvP your heart out. This unique server contains custom code which resulted in a long development process, but the fun doesn't stop there.

BattleGrounds have some similar traits to KitPvP, but there are no free kits, item drops or unfair item loots. We have worked to make sure the BattleGrounds experience is as clean and balanced as possible. Here are all the features:

  • Slow map restoration for player Griefing
  • Token Shop
  • Parties
  • 1 hit kill golden knives (rare)
  • Angry Chickens
  • Better AntiCheat
  • Limited Flint & Steel uses
  • Balanced TNT damage
  • Player block placement that disappear over time
  • Duels
  • Trash to throw out any extra loot
  • Earn tokens by PvP, PvE, Duels, Leveling up, and Quests
  • Obsidian (5) / Arrow (6) - 20% chance
  • Weakness Arrow / Slowness Arrow / Instant Damage Arrow - 18% chance
  • Potion of Healing / Potion of Swiftness / Potion of Leaping - 15% chance
  • TNT (3) / Creeper Egg - 10% chance
  • Flint and Steel - 3% chance
  • Diamond Sword - 2% chance
  • Redeemable Tokens / Potion of Strength - 1% chance
  • Knockback I Stick - 0.7% chance
  • The Golden Knife (One-Hit Kill) - 0.5% chance
The features displayed here isn't everything and the server is still in early BETA development. We plan to work with the core of our code to bring forward some of the coolest features to the BG experience. Bugs are to be expected, but we will work around the clock to...
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* The newsletter looks pretty different this time! Several players have told me that the newsletter should at least look like an actual newsletter, and I've finally had the time to rearrange and format things. Let me know what you guys think since I'm still pretty new to this. If you have any ideas of what I could change for next time, let me know! By the way, it looks best on PC. If you’re on mobile, just click and zoom in. :)

New spawn, what theme? Coming soon…
IDMC Network | [YouTuber] Rank
We've decided to make some major changes with how we give out YouTuber the rank because it has become obvious to us that the requirements were way too high. With this in mind, we have decided to waive the 25k subscriber count as we know subscribers don't make a channel... good content does.

To gain YouTuber status on the IDMC Network you now need to just upload IDMC related videos; they can be tutorials, showcases or just you having fun with friends. There are no hard set limits, however, you will be judged on your quality, creativity and how many videos you upload. Views are relevant, but not the defining factor in determining whether you can get the rank or not.

It's also important to note that the YouTuber rank will represent active YouTubers. If your upload schedule becomes non-existent, your rank is subject to removal. We're not asking for daily/weekly uploads, this is just to ensure a good quality of standard.

  • "IDMC Server" or some variation of this and the server IP address needs to be present in the title or description.
  • There are no exceptions for unwatchable, poor quality or audio.
* It's likely that videos with no views will not be judged unless the quality and production of the video are amazing and we want to promote you.
* There will also be a section in our Discord server dedicated to YouTube and videos in general, of which you can take advantage of and promote your videos.
* There will be no toleration for rule breaking. Rank removal is a possible punishment!

If you think that your channel meets these requirements and you have what it takes to become a...​

Hey IDMC Network!

I feel like August went by too fast if you ask me. We're nine months in and this year, we've been progressing slowly, but the worth will all be worth it in the end I hope! It’s shorter this time around, as per usual, but there are some significant additions and changes. Be sure to check out the September newsletter next month!

P.S. I'm not going to make any promises of when the top five voters will be back as there's a lot of bugs with voting, however, I can assure you that it will be coming back when we can deal with certain issues. Sorry to everyone who has been voting and eager to find out whether they are the top voter or not.

Special thanks to IAmVerySatisfied and Pineapple_Man2 for being August's Top Donators!


Staff Changes >

More staff changes this month, hopefully, we can get back our old staff member count soon. It's sad to see staff members go, however, congratulations to all of our trial Chat Moderators this month, good luck! By the way, if you’re interested, be sure to apply here, but read this before doing so!

August |

Hey IDMC Network!

August... my favorite month! For this month’s newsletter (again), there will be no rewards for top voters since voting is still not as stable. Hopefully, it will be back next month, we apologize for these inconveniences! It’s shorter this time around, but there are some significant additions and changes. Be sure to check out the August newsletter next month!

Special thanks to LazyTheLurantis for being July’s Top Donator!


Staff Changes >

More staff changes this month, hopefully, we can get back our old staff member count soon. It's sad to see staff members go, however, congratulations to all of our trial Chat Moderators this month, good luck! By the way, if you’re interested, be sure to apply here, but read this before doing so!

July |