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We did it! After a long and very tiring development process, it's finally here!

Nearly 3 months ago, a poll was created to gather community votes on making a whole new Survival server. The ultimate decision to reset the Survival server had been made January 1st 2017. Resetting Survival was one of the most debatable decision to have ever been made on our network. We took great pride in seeing the community make that final decision to follow through with such a huge decision.

Now, this has been the community question for a few days now. People are questioning "Why SurvivalRP?" "What is SurvivalRP?". A little over a week ago, Cobwebster and I came to the final decision to rename and brand it as SurvivalRP. We have mixed a lot of roleplay features on top of Survival gameplay which led us to that final decision.

Today, we are happy to release a whole new, fun filled, economy style Survival server! This release was one of the greatest projects I had ever done in the history of my 5.5 years of development. I'm super enthusiastic to see the community feedback on nearly 3 months of hard work.

Introducing SurvivalRP!


What's new?

- Brand new economy
- All new custom world
- Custom nether
- Head looting
- IDMCCity (roleplay city)
- PvP Arena
- Mob Arena
- Jobs
- ChestShop
- Rent-able homes & shops
- Vehicles
- Purchasable kits
- Supply drops at /spawn
- Mini-pets
- Repairable items using anvils at a cost
- All new /shop (You can no longer purchase items)
- Custom Art
- Tax systems
- Huge performance improvements over the last map

*And so much more! You can view here http://ideactivatemc.net/threads/new-csurvival-progress.4194/ for all the changes.

Please remember everyone, bugs are likely going to be floating around out there. Report them a.s.a.p on this link here: https://goo.gl/fyQu3O

Have fun all! Please leave your feedback =)!
Hey guys!

If you've donated for any of the following ranks before today,


You are able to claim the rank you've purchased on HCV for free! Any future rank purchases/upgrade will also give you the rank in HCV.

ATM, the perks are still under construction. You will have the majority of global perks however I need to add some plugins like /UC & /ChatColor which will be done tonight. Once we have a good basis for perks which don't ruin the vanilla style I will put the perks list on our store.

We also plan to do the same for KitPvP very soon, if you are a donor who has one of the ranks listed above you can claim it HERE or just go to our Store > Extra > NewGameModeRanks

We also have a survey going around to let you guys request more things you wanna see on our store, if you would like anything added let us know HERE

Thanks for reading!

- Cobwebster
Hey guys!

Obviously as you know we removed a lot of the donor perks from our old ranks so that we could be EULA Compliant! However, this means we had 2 groups of people.. those with the old perks and those with the new ones... In order to be fully EULA compliant we need to make a good amount of the old perks still available to everyone. The best way we can do this whilst keeping it fair is by selling them for in-game cash!

Atm, I'm in the process of making /Shop just generally better, i'm removing a lot of the useless sell options so that we can add more without being worried about exploits and making prices more realistic and rewarding rather than a free resource shop for low low prices...

As it turns out, we can actually sell permissions in /Shop in a pretty clean and cool way, for example..

[​IMG] [​IMG]

Important to note in the new RolePlay Survival (cSurvival) The shop will only have PermShop & a new VIP shop, we've got a new system for buying/selling normal materials.

Also another point I should mention is /Fly for 50k is just an example, that price will be made more expensive.

So my question is, what would you like to see in the PermShop & VIP Shop?

ATM, in the perm shop we have..


& in the VIP Shop,

We just have a collection of rare items.

- Cobwebster
Hi everyone,

Friday, March 17th marked a memorable day on our old friend, CSurvival. The community came together to say their final goodbyes and left their mark on the server.

CSurvival went into development April of 2016 and released in June of 2016. CSurvival at the time was one of my greatest releases and proved to have been an incredibly enjoyable experience for most people on the network. I was very happy for the love and support by the community that was given to our old friend, CSurvival. That server will forever be in the hearts of those who enjoyed every moment of it.

A look back

I would like to thank everyone for the wonderful support that you have given us. @Cobwebster and I are truly honored to serve as the Managers & Developers of this network.


RIP CSurvival - 3-17-2017 =)

New Survival on March 25th, 2017!

We just demoted a few people for inactivity, this opens up a opportunity to those who wish to help us moderate the IDMC Network.. The requirements will be a little more harsh than usual, we don't want to pick up people who aren't already active/regular members of our community.

If you feel like you're active enough in-game and in our community in general feel free to apply HERE

Its always sad to have to demote or see people resign because of higher priorities in life but I like to look at the positives where we can now introduce new people into our staff community.

Best of luck to anyone who applies, we will be leaving it open for a long time so don't feel like you're restricted by time.

- Cobwebster
Hi everyone,

Just finished with the new forums that I'm hoping will take over from what we have now. However, I won't change it over without a clear yes from everyone.


Edit 3:
Playground is live, check it out here: https://forums.ideactivatemc.net/

You'll need to request a new password before logging in.

Please note this is not final. Any posts or content made will be wiped soon. If we get the go-ahead I will make the current forums read-only and then import the data.


Edit 2:
I'm hopping on Discord while I create something for you to all play around with, stick around and you'll have first access to it :) Be sure to use the #new_forums chat room and I'll keep updates coming in.


Edit 1:

From the feedback so far, the main concerns are the layout, design and creature comforts like the sidebar, etc.

The posts that you see in the screenshot are actually part of a snapshot that I took of the current forums and dumped into there, some formatting is off and some things aren't displaying correctly. Not the best screenshot now I'm looking at it again.

The design can always be changed, that's just how it looks out of the box.

I'll get something made up tonight that you can actually visit and try out for yourselves, but here are a few reasons as to why the switch is suggested:
  • Secure by default - our current forums are not SSL (https://) secured, not a big deal since we don't manage sensitive data but it's still frowned upon. The new forums are already secured.
  • Much better management tools for staff
  • Better post creation for users - the preview window renders as you type, so you know exactly what is going to be posted
Just a few things listed there but by...

I hope you guys enjoy! I almost forgot to post it here! :)
TL;DR: We've added some new measures to counter spam on the site. Nothing to worry about for legitimate users.

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update on stuff to do with the website:

What happened?
As you've all seen there has been a very high amount of spam on the site, and the security we had in place wasn't enough.

Why is it important?
Some of the advertisements and links that were posted by these accounts were a mixture of malicious software, dodgy medicinal products or some other kind of nonsense that doesn't belong here (or anywhere for that matter).

It would also open up security vulnerabilities. Posting links to malware-ridden software which, no doubt, would steal information and ruin computers. No one wants that.

What's been done so far?
  • I've gone ahead and added a new filter for ~1,400 domains that are known to be hosts to temporary/throwaway email addresses and blocked them from even making an account.
  • I will continue to personally monitor accounts that make it past the mutliple blacklist checks we have in place.
  • I will also be testing new captcha methods for new accounts upon sign up.

What now?
I will continue to explore the options to keep spam off the site, if you have any suggestions on what else can be done, feel free to message me. I'd be glad to hear them.


I always have my videos unlisted for the first 10 minutes so that the people who play on my server can be the first to leave their comments and feedback! :)
./AH was removed because the community wanted it to be replaced by chestshops, however the nSurvival community and some of cSurvival didn't like the change so 1 month later we're gonna do another vote to see where both communities stand.

The outcome of the vote will decide whether or not we bring /AH back and remove ChestShop.

(No Items in shops will be lost)

For those who don't know, /ah is basically chestshop but it allows you to do it anywhere and doesn't require a psychical chest.

Hit Continue to vote (HomePage)