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TL;DR: We've added some new measures to counter spam on the site. Nothing to worry about for legitimate users.

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update on stuff to do with the website:

What happened?
As you've all seen there has been a very high amount of spam on the site, and the security we had in place wasn't enough.

Why is it important?
Some of the advertisements and links that were posted by these accounts were a mixture of malicious software, dodgy medicinal products or some other kind of nonsense that doesn't belong here (or anywhere for that matter).

It would also open up security vulnerabilities. Posting links to malware-ridden software which, no doubt, would steal information and ruin computers. No one wants that.

What's been done so far?
  • I've gone ahead and added a new filter for ~1,400 domains that are known to be hosts to temporary/throwaway email addresses and blocked them from even making an account.
  • I will continue to personally monitor accounts that make it past the mutliple blacklist checks we have in place.
  • I will also be testing new captcha methods for new accounts upon sign up.

What now?
I will continue to explore the options to keep spam off the site, if you have any suggestions on what else can be done, feel free to message me. I'd be glad to hear them.


I always have my videos unlisted for the first 10 minutes so that the people who play on my server can be the first to leave their comments and feedback! :)
./AH was removed because the community wanted it to be replaced by chestshops, however the nSurvival community and some of cSurvival didn't like the change so 1 month later we're gonna do another vote to see where both communities stand.

The outcome of the vote will decide whether or not we bring /AH back and remove ChestShop.

(No Items in shops will be lost)

For those who don't know, /ah is basically chestshop but it allows you to do it anywhere and doesn't require a psychical chest.

Hit Continue to vote (HomePage)
Today i'm happy to announce our new global ranking system! This system not only gives the community more it also makes it cost less whilst making it easier to manage on our end!​

New Ranks:
VIP / VIP+ / MVP / MVP+​

All old ranks will stay the same, if you have one of the old ranks you can also continue to upgrade it with the old upgrade system. If you wish to buy one of the new ranks, you'll have the benefits from both your old rank and the new one. So if you're for example a redstone rank and you purchased VIP, you'd have the perks from both ranks but only 1 prefix. Either Redstone or VIP.

If the global rank removed your old one, you can claim back your old rank on our store HERE

If you're using a new rank and you notice a missing perk, please report it HERE Some issues are resolved by our next reboot.. For example stairs & /nick on some servers.

If you've donated to our store before 2017, you're entitled to one of the new ranks for free! Assuming your total donation amount is equal or more than one of the new ranks, use this form HERE if you believe your total donation amount is equal to a new rank. This is not a automatic process so please allow up to 48 hours for your rank to be given.

If for some reason you're having issues with missing perms from a previous rank, please message me on the forums giving your IGN, Rank and the issue you're having.
You can also contact our support skype : CobwebsterUK


Old ranks get new ranks for free if your total donation total to our store is equal to a new rank; if you buy a new rank, you keep all your current ranks and the perks just overlap so you don't lose anything from buying a new rank if you're a person with a old...
Happy New Years!

Thank you everyone for a wonderful 2016! We are looking forward to see what the new year brings all of us.

I have collected some YouTube videos (2016 flashbacks) for all of you to watch. These videos show the beginning of the servers we had reset in 2016!

- IDMC Custom Survival
- IDMC CreativeRP
- IDMC Factions

I can proudly say that we have come so far as a network. We have many great plans coming up for 2017!

Happy New Years to all of you ~ IDMC Staff Team
Merry Christmas! Christmas is a time where you give and just a happy season. This year, we wanted to give you a chance to win one of three prizes:

  • 1st Place Bedrock (Custom & Normal Survival)
  • 2nd Place Skyblock (Skyblock)
  • 3rd Place One Month Supporter (Global)
Those that won this year are:
  • 1st Place: diskkord
  • 2nd Place: FearlessHat
  • 3rd Place: TomTheDerpy
Congratulations to those that have won. Until next year, bye! Happy holidays! :)

~ IDMC Head Staff
Hello everyone,

Today I'm happy to announce that we have officially reset the HC Vanilla server!



- 1.8 PvP (Combat)
- Advanced AntiCheat
- /kill yourself command
- Older Minecraft version support

Please note, the server is BETA which means there will be changes over time. We plan to add back /tpa and some other minor customs that people will enjoy.


- No hacking
- Keep the chat clean (No foul language, spamming, etc.)

Happy Holidays!
What's up fellow fighters!

Today, I'm happy to announce that I have released a special Christmas update to KitPvP! I've been following along with the wonderful suggestions being made to KitPvP and I decided it was time to do something special for you all.


The end map was a big community favorite and I wanted to give all of you a special gift of being able to play on this map again! Please keep in mind that this end map release is BETA. That means there are a lot of incomplete features to this map. I will be re-adding chest loots and other features possibly after the Holidays.

My other gift to you all is, you will no longer be kicked by the AntiCheat. The AntiCheat has been incredibly unstable and I deeply apologize for all the false kicking that you fellow PvPers have experienced.

Merry Christmas to you all!
Today I’m happy to announce our new donation system, our first change since we made our server live almost 2 years ago!

So to keep it simple our current setup is that all gamemodes have their own dedicated ranks which don’t crossover, approximately 10 per.

The changes we will be making live on January 1st is that all of our new ranks are now Global!

Not only does this make things easier to manage it also means you get more perks for your money.

The 4 new global ranks are as follows,
  • VIP
  • VIP+
  • MVP
  • MVP+
And will be live on..
  • Factions,
  • Normal Survival
  • Custom Survival
  • Creative
  • Parkour
  • Event Server
  • SkyBlock
  • Lobby
So what does this mean for the people who already have a rank?

If you already have a rank then don’t worry! Just because people can no longer buy the old ranks doesn’t mean you’ll lose it or any perks! If you wanted to buy one of these new global ranks you can! Once you buy it all you need to do is claim back your old rank on the store and you’ll receive your global rank and your old.

This essentially means that 1 donation will reward you on all servers, essentially how Mineplex and most other minecraft networks work but our perks will be very different.

More info can be found HERE

Questions and Answers:

Question: Will KitPvP be eventually listed?
Answer: Yep!

Question: I'm already a Ranked player on....
Answer: If you'r total donation history is equal to one of our new ranks not only will you
keep your current rank and all its perks, you will receive 13 new ones! (AKA the global rank)

Question: Is this a good thing in terms of the players?
Answer: Yep! In every way! With this system if you donate $20 (random figure) you'll receive 14 ranks instead of just 1! It also makes ranks easier to learn.

Question: Can I...
Hello Everyone!
Free Ranks! :D

We will be giving away 3 ranks, just click HERE to enter! You are required to follow all 3 entries to be able to win.

3 People at random will be selected, the order of prizes are as follows..

1st Person : Bedrock Rank (Any Survival Server)
2nd Person : SkyGod (SkyBlock)
3rd Person :1 Month of Supporter Rank (Global Rank)

In the interest of fairness, if someone comes up twice we will re-roll and the duplicate person will receive their first roll. (The Highest)

If the person already has the rank prize they can either give it away themselves or trade it for something of equal value on any gamemode.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas!