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Today I’m happy to announce our new donation system, our first change since we made our server live almost 2 years ago!

So to keep it simple our current setup is that all gamemodes have their own dedicated ranks which don’t crossover, approximately 10 per.

The changes we will be making live on January 1st is that all of our new ranks are now Global!

Not only does this make things easier to manage it also means you get more perks for your money.

The 4 new global ranks are as follows,
  • VIP
  • VIP+
  • MVP
  • MVP+
And will be live on..
  • Factions,
  • Normal Survival
  • Custom Survival
  • Creative
  • Parkour
  • Event Server
  • SkyBlock
  • Lobby
So what does this mean for the people who already have a rank?

If you already have a rank then don’t worry! Just because people can no longer buy the old ranks doesn’t mean you’ll lose it or any perks! If you wanted to buy one of these new global ranks you can! Once you buy it all you need to do is claim back your old rank on the store and you’ll receive your global rank and your old.

This essentially means that 1 donation will reward you on all servers, essentially how Mineplex and most other minecraft networks work but our perks will be very different.

More info can be found HERE

Questions and Answers:

Question: Will KitPvP be eventually listed?
Answer: Yep!

Question: I'm already a Ranked player on....
Answer: If you'r total donation history is equal to one of our new ranks not only will you
keep your current rank and all its perks, you will receive 13 new ones! (AKA the global rank)

Question: Is this a good thing in terms of the players?
Answer: Yep! In every way! With this system if you donate $20 (random figure) you'll receive 14 ranks instead of just 1! It also makes ranks easier to learn.

Question: Can I...
Hello Everyone!
Free Ranks! :D

We will be giving away 3 ranks, just click HERE to enter! You are required to follow all 3 entries to be able to win.

3 People at random will be selected, the order of prizes are as follows..

1st Person : Bedrock Rank (Any Survival Server)
2nd Person : SkyGod (SkyBlock)
3rd Person :1 Month of Supporter Rank (Global Rank)

In the interest of fairness, if someone comes up twice we will re-roll and the duplicate person will receive their first roll. (The Highest)

If the person already has the rank prize they can either give it away themselves or trade it for something of equal value on any gamemode.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas!
Hello Everyone!
Big Changes! :)

Roughly 2 months ago we released our CreativeRP server, it was a big thing for us because it was the first time we've released a server under a different domain (play.CreativeRP.net), this decision was made after many talks with my server managers and we all agreed it would make more sense if we separated RolePlay servers from our main IDMC network.

However, the amount amount of interest on CRP is much more than we could of ever predicted! We owe this to our great community and Server Managers @Cobwebster @MasterGabeMOD

With that said, I'm happy to announce that we plan to merge the two together, but what does this mean?

This will basically mean when connecting through play.CreativeRP.net you will end up at our main IDMC Network and CRP will be a server under our server selector.

Not only will this bring our community closer it will mean staff respond faster because everything will be under one network.

I would also like to clarify something to the people who donated to support our cause, nothing will be changed and we will always work to make sure our changes never effect the ranks.

There is more to this than just faster support response time, it will also make expanding easier! This means we can introduce servers like Survival Roleplay easily.

Some quick common questions:

Question > Map Reset?
Answer > Nope! No progress will be lost.

Thank you for reading,
- iDeactivateMC


Let me know what you think guys! I also wanted to thank everyone who plays on my server, I know we
have a lot of long time members! Something a lot of other servers
don't see a lot of. <3​
We will be hosting a speedbuilder event on the IDMC network this week!

We're gonna keep the server live for 1 week so we can fix any bugs there may be and it will be a good opportunity for you guys to get some practice! When the event starts stats will be reset and the people with the highest win ratio's will win! More info on this later, to join do

/server SpeedBuilder or just hit the Event Server on the server selector.

Parkour is going to be live for the next 24 hours, this is our first official long beta test and should result in parkour going live. The reason parkour was in testing for so long is because we are planning to have Parkour the centre of IDMC Minigames, a new direction we will be taking with our network!

Check out ChangeLogs to stay updated
EDIT: 12-6-16:

A big plus to this new reset - We have disabled combat cool down! You will now get 1.8 combat!

Let me know what you guys think in the comments!

EDIT: 11-29-16:

Here's the list of changes that I currently have for HC Vanilla.

- Advanced AntiCheat
- Swear and Spam filter
- I have set the spawn at coordinates 0,0,0
- /kill command to kill yourself lol

Let me know what you guys think. So far the server still contains that single player or Anarchy feel.

EDIT: 11-27-16:

After consulting with the staff team and reviewing our player feedback, majority vote does aim at a strict AntiCheat system. Enforcing that rule is questionable at this time. I would like to remind everyone that even if we don't enforce the hacking rule on HC Vanilla, we will still enforce it on all of our other servers.

To make sure no one is confused on the differences:
*An AntiCheat system will prevent the hacking.
*We may not enforce the IDMC rule about hacking.

Reminder, this exception only applies to HC Vanilla.

If you manage to find a bypass to our AntiCheat system, enjoy it while it lasts. We will make sure the AntiCheat system is updated weekly to prevent any exploits.


EDIT: 11/25/16:

We are looking over your feedback very carefully before any final decisions are made. So far, we are seeing that by popular request that we should keep a tight AntiCheat system in place. I'm also seeing that we should keep our current ChatControl method that blocks out swearing, etc. Please keep the feedback coming. I believe an Anarchy style server can be made possible with strict AntiCheat/AntiSwear implementations!


Hey everyone,

To clear up all the confusion here. We are focusing on resetting our HC Survival server. Our plans are to completely make the experience similar to Single Player. Anarchy server!

- There will be no rules <-- Questionable
- No Kits
- No Essentials
- Light weight AntiCheat to prevent fly and speed hacks
1.11 Client support now added!

But why cant we play with the llamas?!?!

On the 19th Spigot will be releasing a 1.11 server version so that you can use all the new features! This 1.11 client support update allows all versions to join our server so that you don't have to keep downgrading to get on!

1.11 Client support is the first stage of having a fully 1.11 server, with all the features that come with the latest version. We will be making our servers support the new changes/features the second a reliable and stable spigot version is released.

Current versions we support
> 1.8 (All versions)
> 1.9 (All versions)
> 1.10 (All Versions)
> 1.11 (All Versions)


*Click a Name and use their Skin!*


Hello IDMC Community!
Just a quick little shop update for you guys, as you can see we added a new shop tab (Enchanted Tools!) I hope you guys like the new additions to the shop and as always comment on this thread suggesting items/blocks you want to see added!

Its a work in progress and i'm aiming for 5 new items everyday!

We have also added a plugin called FastCraft+, this plugin will calculate the items in your inventory and tell you exactly what you can craft! This eliminates the need to memorize recipes.

You can now vote for our network again
use command /vote
for awesome rewards!

- Have FUN!