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Hey everyone! Today is a very very... VERY special day, as it is not only the our Senior-Administrators, but my best friend's birthday. I took the liberty to make her a video of all of our old vids compiled together. There is hundreds of thousands of more to this video I just don't have it all saved sadly :(. Anyways, here is the vid, hope you all enjoy!

(Don't forget to spam Mel with Happy Birthday messages)

These past couple of weeks the community has been wanting a factions reset!
So here it is!

Not only are we going to reset the map and economy we're going
to re-brand our faction server to OP Factions!

The current faction server was already considered as an OP Factions but now it is
official! ​

Whats being added?
  • Better PvP Area's
  • McMMO
  • ShopGui+ AKA /Shop
  • Faster growing Economy (Easier to make cash)
  • Custom Scoreboard! Much like Survivals board
  • New Permission Plugin! (No ranks will be lost)
  • New Maps
  • New Economy
  • 1.10 Terrain / Generation (including new nether blocks)
  • More to come...

Hi everyone,

@iDeactivateMC is currently hosting a giveaway for 2 Minecraft accounts. If you want to enter, all you need to do is head over to the giveaway page and follow the instructions:


Good luck to everyone!
20% off in store!
Ends: August 12th


Server Updates!!

Creative is now 1.10 (New Blocks!)

Factions is now 1.10 (New Blocks!)

KitPvP Anti-cheat is almost at perfection!

New Statue holograms in lobby!

Skyblock Plans:

Update to 1.10
+ MobDisguise
+ Ore Generators
+ PvP Arena's?!