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Minecrafts strangest resource packs

In this blog I set out to look at some of the strangest and most under-appreciated resource packs in minecraft.

Resource Pack Blog
by Cobwebster
1.14 Seed Blog

This is our first blog post containing a list of 1.14 seeds! It includes survival islands and great starter locations.

1.14 Seed Collection
By Cobwebster
4 VILLAGES AT SPAWN! (1.11 & 1.12 PC/MAC)

This minecraft 1.11 & 1.12 seed is insane! You spawn right next to 4 villages all containing chests, farms and blacksmiths. The perfect seed to start playing a new world!

1.14 Seed Collection
By Peppzzii

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    Top 1.8 minecraft seeds by iDeactivateMC

    In this video iDeactivateMC goes over some of the best 1.8 seeds you can find!

    Top 5 1.8 Seeds
    by iDeactivateMC
    1.14.4 Builder seed

    This is a minecraft version 1.14 seed! New update. You will spawn near a double village with a double dungeons....

    Java Edition 1.14
    by Cobwebster
    1.14.4 Pillager Post near Jungle Temple

    1.14.4 Pillager Post near Jungle Temple, a great starter seed!

    Java Edition 1.14
    by The4CuberYT

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