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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Cobwebster, Feb 22, 2017.

By Cobwebster on Feb 22, 2017 at 4:09 AM
  1. Cobwebster

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    Jul 25, 2016
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    We just demoted a few people for inactivity, this opens up a opportunity to those who wish to help us moderate the IDMC Network.. The requirements will be a little more harsh than usual, we don't want to pick up people who aren't already active/regular members of our community.

    If you feel like you're active enough in-game and in our community in general feel free to apply HERE

    Its always sad to have to demote or see people resign because of higher priorities in life but I like to look at the positives where we can now introduce new people into our staff community.

    Best of luck to anyone who applies, we will be leaving it open for a long time so don't feel like you're restricted by time.

    - Cobwebster


Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Cobwebster, Feb 22, 2017.

    1. Jared
      Is 30 mins enough?
    2. Lackadaisically
      I may have to turn down the request, even though I would love to be staff I just don't feel like I am dedicating enough time to IDMC. Maybe later when I can be more active I will choose to apply. Good luck for all who apply though!
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    3. OJ_Fireheart
    4. Ryan2020
      Write Your Reply

      feel free to become mod in any age :)
    5. LowlyGentlemen
      Though it is rather sad to see some of the Mods are now gone, it's a fresh opportunity for a few new players to help the server. To whomever the next staff members will be, best of luck and I look forward to meeting you.

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    6. TheTurtle_Gamer
      Idk if i should apply or not tbh, i mean, im active, and i can be more active than i am, but idk if im ready or will get accepted..... or even any +1s...
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    7. seandmc9
      Aww, sad to see them gone. I'd apply, but I'm not 13 yet :(
      Ryan, Cob is the only one that can say this currently, please don't act like staff. Cob never gave you authority to do change the rules.
      Last edited: Feb 22, 2017
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    8. NuclearPug
      Awe man looks like the og staff is going away I've had some pretty good times with some of them I will miss them :(
    9. seandmc9
      Also, you should apply (if you want to, obviously) turtle, you are one of the most active players, you definitely will get +1s and there's a high chance of you getting accepted :p.
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    10. _Pixi_Dust_
      Like @seandmc9 said, I believe you should apply if you believe you are ready. I am sure that a lot o staff members will 1+ you because of your activity and honesty, but it is your choice @TheTurtle_Gamer .
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    11. Ryan2020
      you're acting like staff so you also stop Acting Like Staff
    12. _Pixi_Dust_
      He's helping the server, he's not actib like staff though...
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    13. Nileza
      Would have applied, but not active enought on atleast 3 game modes yet. Maybe in future. ^^
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    14. seandmc9
      NSurvival, CSurvival and creative?
    15. Ryan2020
      yes he is
    16. Ryan2020
      i help but he act like staff ban or mute him
    17. Ryan2020
      Requirements for MOD are:
      13+ age
      Skype Active
      About you:
      IGN (In Game Name)

      Pls Staff lock this message
    18. TheTurtle_Gamer
      Don't triple post. Also Discord is a requirement. Sean was not acting like staff, he cannot be banned or muted for acting like staff, even if he was, which he isn't. And this thread will not be locked that easily.
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    19. seandmc9
      Please stop acting like staff! Firstly, you have missed out many requirements, secondly, read my post here:
      . Thirdly, you will need a lot more detail than that.
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