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/AH to replace /PMarket (chestshop) Community vote.

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Cobwebster, Jan 6, 2017.

By Cobwebster on Jan 6, 2017 at 3:50 PM
  1. Cobwebster

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    Jul 25, 2016
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    ./AH was removed because the community wanted it to be replaced by chestshops, however the nSurvival community and some of cSurvival didn't like the change so 1 month later we're gonna do another vote to see where both communities stand.

    The outcome of the vote will decide whether or not we bring /AH back and remove ChestShop.

    (No Items in shops will be lost)

    For those who don't know, /ah is basically chestshop but it allows you to do it anywhere and doesn't require a psychical chest.

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Bring back AH and remove ChestShop?

Poll closed Jan 10, 2017.
  1. Yes!

    33 vote(s)
  2. No!

    8 vote(s)


Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Cobwebster, Jan 6, 2017.

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    1. TPrincey
      I honestly don't know where I stand. Both are good. I used AH for random sellings whereas Pmarket is normally used for large shops with larger stocks. I'm happy with it either way.
    2. Anoukh
      i think they should both be added. AH is good for single items that is hard to sell ina chestshop. chestshop is good for selling in bulk, like buildingmaterials and such.
    3. seandmc9
      I don't see why both can't be added - they don't clash with each other; you can rename things on CShop (PMarket) too; with PMarket you have to go to a specific place and with AH you can do a simple command from anywhere in the vast CSurvival world :p.
    4. Cobwebster
      They clash, one basically makes the other one null. Why would people choose to make playershops when they have 5 slots on a global gui which sells faster, donors would also have more so most chestshops will be from new people and wont sell anything people want. It doesn't make sense to have 3 different shop plugins, /shop /ah /pmarket, we're keeping /shop because it lets us sell items you couldn't get such as polar bear eggs but /pmarket and /ah basically conflict because they make each other redundant. :/
    5. seandmc9
      Yea, I guess. I don't know what I'd keep, probably AH.
    6. Cobwebster
      Yeah its a hard choice, this is why I love community votes lol
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    7. _JoeFish_
      I think /ah is a lot easier to use than pmarket but I'd like to be able to sell more than 2 items at once :p
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    8. seandmc9
      Ranks get more ;).
    9. KiNg
      Honestly (as far as i have seen it go) /ah was far more easier and simple to use for people than chest shops. I know chest shop is cool and all but I would still prefer /ah over it because of its simplicity. I have helped many people setup chest shops so I know that tons of people still don't understand how it works. I bet many would agree that /ah was more easier and faster.
    10. IamMCGamerGirl (Renata)
      IamMCGamerGirl (Renata)
      Chestshops dont completly have to go.the problem with it is that you can only make 6 my idea was to just have the signshop plugin so you could sell a ton of items which makes the shop better the more you sell
    11. IamMCGamerGirl (Renata)
      IamMCGamerGirl (Renata)
      It is just the wrond plugin
    12. Jospat
      @Cobwebster same^^^ keep both
    13. Reepime
      SO, for my 2 cents (and probably more knowing me), I'd agree with @Anoukh and recommend keeping both for the exact reasons listed. But, if it comes down to 1 or the other, my choice is definitely to do the Chest Shop. When the Auction House gets filled up, it can be a real pain in the rear to have to search through page after page to find what items may or may not be available.

      Additionally, with the new map (on cSurvival), There should be a "Mall" area where players can build shops. I understand that this can be a pain in the next with permissions, so at the very least, I'd be willing to create such an area and rent out shop locations. This way, the shops wouldn't be scattered throughout the world, having to warp from one spot to another hoping to find a shop (cause we all know how big the /warp list can get). They can all be in 1 location, which would make shopping easier.
    14. TPrincey
      This was precisely what I wanted to do on Nsurvival But I'd rather know if someone else or a mod isn't going to do it already. It also isn't much point to make it if its going to be removed.
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    15. Lackadaisically
      Yes true! There should be a mall so we can both build our shops and we could make a project of building this "mall". The mall would be for people who are in no hurry while ah is for people to use while they are doing something important. I really like to go to pmarket but It can be time consuming to find what you need since there are so many shops. I really like ah and pmarket and believe you should give them a chance to both be on CSurvival and see how it works.
    16. seandmc9
      @MasterGabeMOD just an idea...
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    17. Reepime
      If they don't conflict programming wise, then they actually aid each other. And no, not just new players would be using the chest shops. There are times when I'm doing a project that I want a crap load of a single block (for example, black wool the other day). I couldn't buy that in /shop (unless I bought a TON of expensive cobwebs, placed them, broke them for string, combined the string to wool, then died with ink sacs). instead, I had to ask a few different times in chat when new people joined and wound up having to harvest most of it myself. If there were chest shops in a central location that had them (as I don't know where all the shops are in the current cSurvival) then it would have been a lot easier to gather the building items I was looking for. At the same time, selling something like a certain enchantment or a god sword or something else in the chest shops can be a pain in the butt, they'd be fine to sell in the /AH.

      And while I like the /shop with the availability of the items anywhere, to help foster the "Survival" feeling and to make the community more involved with itself on the server, I don't believe that /shop should be selling the majority of the items it does. For example, all the wood, dirt, sand, stone types, etc. The /shop should be used to sell items that you can't get by any other means or that may be extremely difficult to get (or temporary access to commands such as /fly, if possible). This would allow the community to build an economy and would encourage grouping up more than the current set up. Because the in-game currency does need to come from somewhere, I don't object to being able to sell certain items to /shop, unless there was a different plugin used to provide income (nothing comes to mind but I haven't looked at economy plugins in a LONG time).

      (Dang it, I knew it wouldn't be just my 2 cents earlier.)
    18. Anoukh
      Agree with Reep here. Ah is good for single items that are a pain to sell in a chestshop. Chestshop is good for players who likes to farm items, be it mining/farming/shearing wool, and wants to sell stuff in bulk. and /shop would be for items hard to aquire, aka spawners, elytra, shulkerboxes and ingame commands.
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    19. Cindy
      I don't really have a side here. Both have cons and pros, soz, I thought up a list of cons for no reason :p

      -Meh, their sorta complicated
      -Peoples shops are scattered everywhere
      -Selling single items are a pain for people who want to buy multiple
      -Some people overprice items
      -I've seen some Ranked players rename items so you can't see the price
      -Can't sell in large amounts
      Ik, I see the glass half empty... ;-;
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