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April Newsletter 2018

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Melodaze, May 1, 2018.

By Melodaze on May 1, 2018 at 5:52 AM
  1. Melodaze

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    Jul 25, 2016
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    Hey IDMC Network!​

    I know it’s not May 4th yet, but to all of you Star Wars fan, may the fourth be with you, and it’s not May 5th yet either, but early Cinco de Mayo! To kick off the start of May, there will be a 10% off sale on the store! Big things are coming soon, I promise! Be sure to check out the May newsletter next month.

    P.S. I’ve seen a few of you asking if we can make this an actual newsletter format. I’ll see what can be done, but it’s neither likely or unlikely that we’ll be able to do it since there’s not too much that goes on in IDMC.


    April Top Voters >
    • 1st: _Sooubway_-- $25 Store Voucher (105 votes)
    • 2nd: Amy_24 -- $20 Store Voucher (95 votes)
    • 3rd: lennyb -- $1,500,000 in-game (91 votes)
    • 4th: Ibizz -- $1,000,000 in-game (86 votes)
    • 5th: wyatt94 -- $750,000 in-game (83 votes)
    Please PM @Cobwebster (Will#9648) your IGN on Discord to claim your prize. If it isn’t claimed within 72 hours, you will no longer be able to obtain your prize. Store vouchers can be used here and in-game cash can be obtained in any game mode.

    Special thanks to Mastromus for being March's Top Donator!

    Staff Changes >

    Literally only two staff changes this month. By the way, if you’re interested, be sure to apply here, but read this before doing so!

    April |
    Congratulations to @PrettyWorm for becoming April’s Staff of the Month!

    Global Token Shop >

    For the past couple weeks, we’ve been trialing a global token shop. Tokens are easy to obtain! All you have to do is log in and play. Every hour played, two tokens are rewarded to you. You may use your tokens in a shop and buy commands and different perks. Tokens were implemented so that there was some global currency, that way you weren’t just restricted to being wealthy on one server, and not others.

    If you have anything you’d like to see added to the token shop, feel free to suggest them in the comments below!

    General Updates >

    A series of minor changes including:

    • Global (new censored words and new permission system)
    • SurvivalRP (temporary removal of vehicles, removed selfie banner board, improved SF and other plugins, ChestShop creation is now free, removed 1.9 PvP and HardHat, reset the nether and the end, and increased shop prices)
    • CreativeRP (removed parkour setup, added/updated plugins, and removed TNT usage)
    • Factions (added blacklisted words to /lore and /rename, /f fly for donators, /f near, and fixed plugin issues,
    • Skyblock (fixed /ah issues, removed /home GUI, and added ChatReaction, pets, and shops back)
    As always, changes are viewable here!

    Future Plans >

    The big plan for IDMC is the introduction of OP Prison and mini-games. You can view more information about OP Prison by checking out our last newsletter as well as here and additional information on mini-games here. Stay tuned for next time!

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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Melodaze, May 1, 2018.

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