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Future Plans

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Cobwebster, Dec 16, 2017.

By Cobwebster on Dec 16, 2017 at 11:37 PM
  1. Cobwebster

    Cobwebster Manager
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    Jul 25, 2016
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    Just making this quick thread so you guys know what we're planning for future updates. As you might already know with every new year we like to make some big changes to the network, last year I did a complete rework of our ranking/store system where we moved away from single gamemode ranks and brought in new global ranks making us fully EULA Compliant.

    This year we've decided to make some big changes we hope you will enjoy.

    First off we want to add in something which helps players connect via chat, we know that when 5AM hits and the server hits 50-100 players, gamemode chats become quiet and boring. We wanna add in a new global chat which kicks in when its not peak times. At first global chat will be restricted to Donors/Trusted players to ensure a clean and non abused global chat. (Receiving trusted wouldn't be hard, especially if you play a lot and we trust you not to spam it with junk). With this global chat you will constantly be seeing a fun and active chat when you're grinding at non peak times.

    Secondly we want to add back global levels, with global levels you can actively show your progression within the network as well as get rewards for time played, votes and minigames played. Branching off on this we will also be giving out network level points off our new minigame setup. We plan to make a little minigame lobby with Hide n Seek (and other gamemodes like zombies/build battle). We've always wanted to do minigames but feared there wouldn't be enough players to make fast queue times, with this new system we have planned it will make it so you can join a game no matter where you are within the network. Making queue times much quicker.

    We also plan for iDeactivateMC to start streaming on these minigames and our other gamemodes. So look forward to killing him on minigames.

    These are just our main big changes, we also have many other plans to improve all current gamemodes for example a new SkyBlock PvP arena (coming soon) and better donor perks for those who support what we do.

    Everything we do is based off community feedback, if you have suggestions for anything. Let us know HERE

    Thanks for reading, I hope you're as excited as myself and @MasterGabeMOD are. :)
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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Cobwebster, Dec 16, 2017.

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    1. PrettyWorm
      Can't wait for these new updates!!
      Cobwebster likes this.
    2. Jedi2305
      Sounds good
      Cobwebster likes this.
    3. KuroiTsuki
      Oh my God. Finally ༼☯﹏☯༽

      Yaaay. Zombies are coming back б(>ε<)∂

      I can't wait to see this changes in game (*≧▽≦)
      We really appreciate what you guys doing for us x3

      Fighting ۹⌤_⌤۹
      Cobwebster likes this.
    4. Cobwebster
    5. Froxinite
      Interesting, good luck.

      Cobwebster likes this.
    6. NoAttention
      Sounds awesome! Cant wait
    7. Sammie
      Brilliant stuff! ~(^-^)~
    8. Ryan2020YT
      @Jedi2305 Jedi i made a thread once in which i said minigames would be good you did not agree but now.
    9. Jedi2305
      cause you did not explain them well enough XD
    10. krezenTFM2
      well there going to kill /warp minigames and all the other warps like that and i was just going to add cookie clicker to one of the warps
    11. Optimus_is_Cyber
      IDMC is evolving....
      Can there be /party so I can group with people so we don't get separated in minigames?
      Miffy likes this.
    12. SCZealot
      So uh.... could one of those major changes be /claim to the end in Ns? Please? That would be a wonderful present for me and my 17 helpers who helped make the fabulous NZSS. :D
    13. MaskedRaindeer
      how are you so good at building?
    14. SCZealot
      It's not too hard. You just have to pay a bunch of attention to detail, and keep fixing it even when you are finished until it looks its absolute best.
    15. Henrys_Effects
      Awesome! I can't wait for things to go into play. I will be getting VIP soon! I have almost 800 hours in Normal Survival so it's time to get a rank ;)
    16. auggie
      Wowza! Super cool update!
    17. Vrxkz
      I can't wait for the updates. I'm most looking forward to the global chat :D
    18. Cqtless
      Looking forward to these amazing updates! :)
    19. Ryan2020YT
      I did fool they did not understand it
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