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IDMC Network Rules

Discussion in 'Server Guides' started by Cobwebster, Nov 2, 2016.

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  1. Cobwebster

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    Jul 25, 2016
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    IDMC Network Rules
    It is the players responsibility that they read and understand our rules.

    emerald-block.png Global
    1. We are a child-friendly network, foul language will result in a mute.
    2. Do not harass players in any way or beg for money/items/ranks.
    3. No glitching/hacking/exploiting/duping (x-ray texture packs as well)
    4. No form of advertisement (servers, YouTube, etc.) or link sharing (unless it's IDMC related).
    5. 5zig and OptiFine are the only mods allowed
    6. All spawners need to be enclosed, if you leave a spawner open and it continuously spawns mobs out in the open they will be removed.
    7. No abusive redstone/piston systems! We will break your redstone or piston systems.
    8. Account Sharing is allowed, however, if the account breaks a rule the account will always be punished. We don't accept "My Brother, my friend, my dog" did it. We punish the account, no exceptions.
    9. No bypassing any mutes/bans with alternative accounts.
    10. No real money should be involved in trades, if you get scammed all we can do is ban the scammer, you'll lose the money.
    11. No pushing players (rodding) into PVP areas.
    12. No spamming (commands, chat).
    13. No foreign languages allowed.
    14. No false reporting (purposely).
    15. Do not use /d (disguises) while in the PvP arena or in combat.

    bow-arrow-blue-glow.png Factions

    1. Raiding, betraying, and scamming are allowed
    2. Activity above the nether is not allowed
    3. Inappropriate faction names are not allowed and will result in being deleted, we will not remove faction bank balance before deleting.

    watermelon-block.png CreativeRP
    1. Don't grief plots that you are added/trusted to
    2. Roleplays are not to be used as ways as "harassment" (i.e someone has a roleplay of a crime scene and the person starts cussing at them because it's "roleplay")
    3. No running redstone clocks/lag machines

    shovel.png Custom Survival /Normal Survival
    1. No scamming (have evidence; record the deal)
    2. Griefing is never tolerated; even if the build was not claimed.
    3. No TP trapping/killing (that means in /warp PvP too!)

    Hardcore Vanilla
    1. No spawn trapping (Do not put lava around spawn because new players cannot come out and explore, so they will instantly die)​
    2. No hacking
    3. No swearing, profanity, racism, etc.
    4. Tp trapping/killing is allowed
    5. No lava casts or destroying spawn
    grass-block.png Skyblock
    1. No griefing
    2. No scamming (have evidence; record the deal)
    3. No TP trapping/killing
    4. IS Owners have final say over who builds on their island, only team with IS owners you trust...

    diamond-sword.png Battlegrounds
    1. The only rules in effect are the "Global" rules
    2. No alt boosting (No killing your alternate/another account for kills and money.)
    3. No fighting at spawn.
    4. No pushing players into PvP arena in any way.

    These rules can be changed at any point without warning, it is your responsibility to make sure you stay up to date with all new additions and iterations, we will not accept "I wasn't aware of rule X" as an acceptable appeal. If you're a donor and have access to /Nick, please read THIS
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