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Idmc Rebranding 2019

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by MasterGabeMOD, Dec 25, 2018.

By MasterGabeMOD on Dec 25, 2018 at 7:25 PM
  1. MasterGabeMOD

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    Aug 5, 2016
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    To the beloved players of our network: First of all, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, and I hope you had a great Hanukkah!

    We are interrupting your day to announce two impending resets on our way! Before I begin, I'd like to give special thanks to our ex-builders: AbbeTheChicken, Mwolbom, and DeadInside_. Without their dedication and effort to the network, many of our spawns and PvP arenas would not be possible. I wish them the best of luck with their future endeavors, and words cannot express our gratitude for their hard work! I'd also like to take this time to officially announce and congratulate our Sr. Mod, Sqmantha, on becoming our new Head Builder! He will be keeping the build team in check as well as possibly recruiting new members to the team. If you have any questions regarding the Build Team or anything along those lines, feel free to send him a message!

    Anyways, allow me to elaborate on these resets. There is currently no ETA for it, but our current plan for IDMC is to introduce different realms (essentially, seasons). Our first "realm" will be aquatic themed, meaning that our first two resets will have some sort of "aquatic-ness" to it. Now, you may be wondering which two game modes are getting reset. This may come as a shock to some of you, but we've decided to reset Normal Survival (nSurvival) and SurvivalRP (it will become cSurvival [Custom Survival] once again). We have high hopes and huge plans for these game modes. They will most likely reset early 2019 (January/February), and the start of the rebrand will come January 1st, 2019. I'll give you the basic rundown on both game modes; there will be more information to come!

    Both nSurvival and cSurvival will be updated to version 1.13. It will include:
    • easier navigation
    • new detailed statistics
    • over 200 quests
    • new donator perks
    • bar gambling
    • new economy (no spawners, using the token shop and other reward programs)
    • crates
    • automatic /warp sand resets
    • all new custom terrain
    • custom fishing
    • and much more! (We aren't going to spoil everything)
    In addition to both Survivals being reset, we plan on revamping (reset) Factions once again. This will be sometime after both Survivals are already reset, up, and running. Don't worry though! If you are not happy about this reset, we will include a world map download of both game modes that way if you want to revisit your builds, you can do so. Not all will be lost! We look forward to introducing this to you! Thank you to all that have stuck around, and here's to 2019!

    Thank you Melodaze for helping write this announcement
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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by MasterGabeMOD, Dec 25, 2018.

    1. PrettyWorm
      Sounds great, can't wait to have my fish farm ;3 Maybe I'll finally find NEMO!
    2. RagingSkittlesMC
      Wow, after me spending many years playing NSurvival this has came to be a big shock, I hope that all goes well with the release the survival game modes. Well done to the staff team for making 2018 such a great year for me and I hope the survival community gets even better than it already is with the new releases.
    3. Kittty
    4. XxYaznGamerxX
      That'll be cool but could u add /fly back we want it please
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    5. LowlyGentlemen
      Oh so NOW a “Head-Builder” exists... :/
    6. CallMeRetro
      Just a couple questions. Mind explaining a little more of Custom Survival to me. I'm not really getting the whole point of this reset. I understand you are trying to bring back the server's community but wouldn't you want to request some more ideas that the existing community would want? I'm fine with what you are doing now and I think its great. I just think it seems more "Wow" and excitement. Other than that I'm perfectly alright.
    7. GlitchOut01

      nSurvival is getting reset? o_O

      Will there be any carry over?

      I am sad to see everything go, my beautiful machines, Lisa's library, pigsmeade, so many wip never finished. Is there any way we can request a world download? I would love to keep the memories.

      Otherwise it definitely was as needed, economy was busted, just sad to see it go.
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    8. LauriKiwi
      I am both sad and hyped for the reset. I am extremely sad to see all my farms and my town disappear.
      But I'm also hyped for a reset, as the economy will finally be right again and it will gives newbies a chance. Also now that I know there will be a reset, I can spend all my money on the existing NS on everything I've wanted to do :p
    9. Baga
      It sounds nice and all but it stinks that all the work put into nsurvival and survivalrp is going to be erased.
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    10. imlikettea
      Quick little reminder, because I know a handful of you are saying you'll be sad to see your things go away;
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    11. Zed
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    12. FlowerChristine
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    13. Shrek5
      Who are these three people whom I've never heard of and why do I get to know about them when they're gone??? How long have they been builders for, because I've been noticing better and better spawns / lobby updates the last two years or so. pls reply, very curious.
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    14. Penguin?
      Nice, so what about HCS? Will you guys be planning on adding that back into the server?
    15. RagingSkittlesMC
      will all of the ranks be kept roughly the same or will the ranks be like CRP and would you have to buy a new rank if you already have one?
    16. NEGamerNEG
      doea token get taken away too?
    17. Neverette
      I can understand the reason for the resets but at the same time I think it's just because you want to. You have asked if people want to reset nsurvival reset many times and it has always ended with a "No" so why plan a reset and tell us all a week before it happens? I don't think it will bring back the old community because of how old the gamemode is, a lot of them have probably moved on from minecraft and have found newer better games for themselves just like how resetting kitpvp couldn't bring back the old community. (I ain't claiming facts but i'm saying what I think)
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    18. MiNamaJif
      I honestly don't understand the mindset of the players on this server, the players are extremely against a reset, they keep clinging onto the old stuff and don't want a change. I get that the players will lose their builds and money but cmon, the map is old and it has been completely pillaged. When the server goes through with the reset, we will get a fresh map with 1.13 biome generation, new stuff will be added to game which means there will be a lot more stuff to do and the economy will be much better.
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    19. Zed
      will there be world downloads?
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