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Idmc Tokens (global Token System)

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Cobwebster, Apr 23, 2018.

By Cobwebster on Apr 23, 2018 at 6:34 AM
  1. Cobwebster

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    Jul 25, 2016
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    IDMC Tokens
    Beta Test
    Today we will be testing our new global token system, this system is not a replacement for in-game currency and is essentially our way of bringing gamemodes closer together.

    How Does It Work?

    Every 1 hour played on the network will reward 2 IDMC Tokens, these tokens are global and are not restricted by gamemode. Currently this 1 hour needs to be a consistent playthrough with no logouts. (Not ideal, it is our main priority to make it so log outs don't matter once our token shops are live)


    Global currencies are always great, it means you are not restricted to a gamemode. You could be a millionaire on survival but this wealth cannot transfer over to skyblock, this is simply because money can be made faster and easier on skyblock than survival, making skyblock a viable gamemode to farm gold. With this system, we are taking factors which do not get changed by what gamemode you are on and we will eventually add more methods of obtaining tokens.

    What are tokens for?
    Each gamemode will have a custom token shop where players can spend their tokens on rewards, these shops will take some time to develop but we thought whilst we do that you guys might as well be collecting tokens so that you have plenty when we assign them a real value.

    These stores will sell items, commands, and concepts. (Nothing which is a live donor perk in our global ranks). It's not going to be this overpowered store and it's not going to be a replacement for grinders, consider it an extra currency which rewards you for playtime. It will be scaled in a way where higher tier items will require considerably more tokens.

    As always we will take community feedback and shape this into something everyone can be happy about, If you have questions or concerns let us know below!



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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Cobwebster, Apr 23, 2018.

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    1. TheTurtle_Gamer
      Looking forward to this
    2. KatnissAli
      Me too!
    3. Dwight_destroyer
      Well in that case cant just people log into idmc to get idmc tokens and then afk? It's possible to be online on servers at one time so technically I can just afk on idmc and get tokens meanwhile playing on other server [not naming any]. Btw I really like this idea, will there in the shop be a rename thing? xD
    4. TheTurtle_Gamer
      I think Cob is actually trying to figure out how to stop afking, not sure. Just the impression I got when I talked to him.
      Dwight_destroyer likes this.
    5. Dwight_destroyer
      Yay! finally someone noticed my posts!
    6. Cobwebster
      The afk issue isn't really an issue we acknowledge, people already mass AFK grinders. It doesn't really change much. I guess going forward the other methods of gaining tokens will make being AFK less viable, aka you get more tokens from doing a task than playtime, then people would wanna do the task more than be afk.
      TheTurtle_Gamer likes this.
    7. Ryan2020YT
      What if we get kicked out of the server for bugs or glitches. Will it still affect the hour of taking tokens.?
      Cmon man you cant do that, I got kicked out of the server many times for no reasons. aka got disconnected, Looking forward to this. I have 2 tokens. :)
    8. Morpheye_Geo
      i agree, this thing will bring gamemodes closer together. many other servers have this feature, and I'm glad IDMC will, too.
      Cobwebster likes this.
    9. mr pink sheep
      mr pink sheep
      It's not great richt now, but has a lot of oppertunities in the future
    10. Noob_Double
      A suggestion to improve the token system. Reward players 1 token for every 30 minutes as opposed to 2 tokens for every hour. The number of tokens adds up to the same amount. Meanwhile, people who get disconnected frequently, people who decide to switch servers inside the game (for example from Survival RP to Creative RP), and people who can't be in the game for 1 full hour will be in less of a disadvantage.

      As you all may know, switching servers inside the game resets the token timer.
      Firehxwkkk and Collin like this.
    11. Collin
    12. LunchablesOG
      Not to be annoying anything, but before you are metaphorically spanked by a moderator, refrain from double posting.
    13. Recent_Modes
      I believe this has the potential to become something big. There have been questions in the past about transferring cash from game-modes and this opens up a solution. It also keeps players coming back for more. It is like a daily sign in that people look forward to doing because of the rewards except it is calculated by how long you are online for. It's a great idea.
    14. xNatorRose
      But Why Skyblock is not working then :p
    15. Wolf_Girl42
      When is the next IDMC Tokens update?
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