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June Newsletter 2019

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Tyncci, Jul 1, 2019.

By Tyncci on Jul 1, 2019 at 5:00 AM
  1. Tyncci

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    Feb 6, 2017
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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Tyncci, Jul 1, 2019.

    1. SassyCactiKitty
      Thank god that loser sassycactikitty resigned!
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    2. Crizzle - James
      Crizzle - James
      Ahem, where is the “Happy Canada Day!” at?
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    3. Mwya
      No :(
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    4. Raymond&Bobo
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    5. IDMC_Fan
      Sad to see all the staff members.who are resigning go, but I'm all smiles for the promotions! If i still played MC, I'd log in.
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    6. Illusion
      Decent, But you're missing MasterGabeMod's resignation
    7. Zed
      TNT is still disabled above/below sea level and in claims.
    8. olment
      General changes? Really?

      No taxes paid today.
      No end reset.
      Mobs still merged.
      TNT still disabled.
      Sellwands still bugged/glitchy.

      Added /links: last months update also
      Updated rules: Last months update also
      Chestshops: No mod can explain how to make these.

      I fail to see how any changes have been made to CS or NS. This is just copy/paste from last month.

      How about the SkyBlock reset? It's been said that around may this would happen.. We're now 2 months past that.

      The new lobby looks great though and I really hope the part about Cob isn't just bs.. Wish to see him more active or even join the server every now and then
    9. Illusion
      He still ignores me, so that might still be the case
    10. Tyncci
      The added commands (/links and /rules) are from the beginning of this month, not last month.
      For the skyblock reset the skyblock plugin for 1.13 is still in development. Once a Skyblock server is developed and released for 1.12, the 1.13 plugin will be ready and we'll need to reset again within two months.
    11. LowlyGentlemen
      Gotta love it when the top staff member is one that resigned.
    12. Zed
      Can you elaborate on the state of TNT?
    13. Shini9000
      I hope you guys get worldedit fixed, my building skills are limited on this server!!! but none the less great server guys! hope you guys ehh.. uh uhmm hope you guys get the vote system for the server working cuz like that be cool and id play the server more! :D
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