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Kitpvp 4.0 > #kitpvpremastered

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by MasterGabeMOD, Nov 19, 2017.

By MasterGabeMOD on Nov 19, 2017 at 7:50 AM
  1. MasterGabeMOD

    MasterGabeMOD System Manager
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    Aug 5, 2016
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    After much criticism that was dealt with during KitPvP 3.0, I decided a couple of weeks ago that I would completely drop the 3.0 project as I felt there was too many issues that the team and I simply couldn't fix. As much as I enjoyed developing KitPvP 3.0, I also learned a lot from the community during those times of despair 3.0 had brought. I simply couldn't stand to watch KitPvP as a server die, so I took what I learned into my own hands and brought back the one and only map that everyone loves the most.

    Introducing #KitPvPRemastered - v4.0


    ▶ Full changelog:

    • Added back the old /warp shop - Thank you @Melodaze
    • Added New duel system
    • Added New chat placeholders https://gyazo.com/9cc97651c8964cd9266c587d766d5bf8
    • Added a custom enderdragon plugin - Thank you @Cobwebster
    • Added a couple of new duel arenas
    • Added touch screen holograms
    • Added Daily, weekly and all time hologram statistics
    • Added a blacklist against earning money in world due to other events
    • Added auto respawn
    • Added Duel wins to the scoreboard
    • Added the old loot chest links however @Cobwebster will be redoing all the loot
    • Added some fresh to the loot to the loot chest
    • Added back Repair man NPC
    • Added new Vault NPC
    • Koth Setup has been completed for the new tower
    • KOTH will now display a bossbar with a timer
    • Fresh new KOTH loots have been added
    • A minimum of 4 players must be online for KOTH to run
    • Completely readjusted loot percentages for certain OP items
    • Upped loot times to 12 minutes
    • Removed network levels due to issues
    • Some slight adjustments to kit major
    • Upped repair prices since eco is going to be a bit more OP
    • Map Remastered completed by @LowlyGentlemen
    • You will no longer be required to have a gang to play KOTH
    • Major kit is back and more balanced
    • AntiCheat improvements for MC 1.8
    • Cleaned up old /warp menu and /kit menu
    • Enabled alert messages for when KOTH is about to start
    • Improved starter kit just a bit
    • Finally figured out how to fix "You can't do this yet" error
    • Cleaned up money earned messages
    • Increased combat time to 15 seconds
    • New duel rewards - network levels & money
    • Buffed up voting rewards
    • Greatly improved support for MC version 1.8.
    • Adjustments to chat placeholders & added a money placeholder
    • Enabled fishing rods to work again
    • Standard kit has been buffed
    • Improved /report system
    • New Vault system > Defaults: 5 free vaults (15 vaults purchasable)
    • Color change for fighter rank
    • Gang creation is now free
    • Cleaned up a lot of data from the old kitpvp
    • Removed several other old /shop items which were not necessary
    Bugs fixed during the development process:
    • Fixed {item} never working for people (lol sorry)
    • Fixed an issue with duels forcing the scoreboard to disable
    • Fixed an issue with PvP manager preventing players from teleporting back to spawn after duel win
    • Fixed slow combat hit detection
    • Fixed an issue with Vault NPC displaying an infinite amount of vaults
    • Fixed scoreboard money placeholder not rounding up money
    • Fixed players not being able to see staff prefix in TAB
    • Fixed many spelling errors in KOTH
    • Fixed NPC's executing OP commands instead of player commands
    • Fixed some other missing permissions
    • Fixed all arena bugs
    • Fixed menu bugs
    • Fixed corrupted arena signs
    • Fixed stats database corruption
    • Fixed some of the bad FPS players were experiencing near spawn
    • Fixed terrible 1.9-1.12 regeneration


Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by MasterGabeMOD, Nov 19, 2017.

    1. MiNamaJif
      I honestly can't wait to play, staff team has done a great job.
      TheoMore and Tynky like this.
    2. oFrostyy
      Woah, great job! Hopefully there won't be any criticism, difficulties or bugs, I think 5.0 is a while from yet.
      TheoMore likes this.
    3. X__king_legend_X
      I hope I didnt buy any rank on this server I get nothing, No specail kits no nothing ugh
      Last edited by a moderator: Nov 19, 2017
    4. Vrxkz
      This is the best decision the staff team has made in a long time! Next thing to fix is Vanilla. If you can bring this map back, bring back the first Vanilla map.
    5. TheTurtle_Gamer
      I love it, but I hate how many hackers and rule breakers I've had to report already.
    6. LowlyGentlemen
      Vanilla never really had a “first map”, it will always have a new map every so often to keep it entertaining.
      Thats always been the case when Kitpvp has reset. >,<
      TheTurtle_Gamer likes this.
    7. Vrxkz
      Well, resetting it never kept it entertaining. And there has been a first map, and this map is the best map, from my eyes and from many others.
    8. Ngomez15
      It is a kit pvp thread, not a Vanilla thread.
    9. Vrxkz
      I know, I just wanted to ask Gabe that and not start this up.
    10. ~ L ~
      ~ L ~
      First of all, we payed for the specified perks and gear within Major when we purchased it. So.....
      KyraZCat likes this.
    11. KyraZCat
      Gabe said it didn't break EULA so Idk why they changed it.
      He said we would get major kit and we didn't get major kit.
    12. ~ L ~
      ~ L ~
      The items and perks in which were stated when purchasing the item. Legally this isn't aloud, but being no one takes action due to this being a Minecraft server. Atleast give us what we payed for.
    13. KyraZCat
      I said the same thing months and because it is minecraft it doesn't matter.... still it is scamming the old ranks like Major (They also scammed Captain rank because they now have no kits)
    14. KuroiTsuki
      @~ L ~
      If I am not wrong, there is a major kit. Just it isn't in /kit and instead you have to do /kit major :3 (I think. For me it worked, sooo)
    15. KyraZCat
      I know but the problem is that it isn't the old kit major from the original endmap which was before MVP+ ranks
      KuroiTsuki likes this.
    16. Quick
      The Major kit DOES violate the EULA, since the kit is higher than everyone else's, giving them an unfair advantage.
    17. KyraZCat
      It doesn't break EULA because of the fact it came before EULA and so they ain't selling stuff that gives away OP stuff because the rank is old.
    18. BowMaster01
      Impossible. There will always be criticism no matter what they do.
      Lucitor likes this.
    19. Lucitor
      Yeah not everything will remain positive. :p
      TheTurtle_Gamer likes this.

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