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May Newsletter 2018

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Melodaze, Jun 1, 2018.

By Melodaze on Jun 1, 2018 at 8:03 AM
  1. Melodaze

    Melodaze Community Manager
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    Jul 25, 2016
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    Hey IDMC Network!

    IT’S FINALLY JUNEEEEE! June means school's almost out (if you’re still in school) or has already ended, which also means that it’s summertime! If you haven’t had them already, good luck on all your end of the year tests, but that’s beside the point. This is a Minecraft server, we don’t need to be worrying about school. :)

    You’ll notice in this edition that some of our future plans have changed, we’ll be introducing other things instead, but I’ll get more in depth with that later. Be sure to check out the newsletter next month!


    May Top Voters >
    • 1st: GlitchedItem -- $25 Store Voucher
    • 2nd: IdConfirmed -- $20 Store Voucher
    • 3rd: creepercraft97t3 -- $1,500,000 in-game
    • 4th: alexanderblock-- $1,000,000 in-game
    • 5th: FrankieHe -- $750,000 in-game
    Please PM @Cobwebster (Will#9648) your IGN on Discord to claim your prize. If it isn’t claimed within 72 hours, you will no longer be able to obtain your prize. Store vouchers can be used here and in-game cash can be obtained in any game mode.

    Special thanks to hoffy06 for being March's Top Donator!

    Staff Changes >

    Still not much happening in the land of staff... By the way, if you’re interested, be sure to apply here, but read this before doing so!

    May |
    Congratulations to @Tyncci for becoming May’s Staff of the Month!

    BattleGrounds >

    As many of may or may not know, KitPvP was removed from IDMC. We’ve been taking time to reflect on our players’ feedback to see how we could improve it, but in the end, players were still unhappy. We see that fans of KitPvP were upset by the removal of KitPvP, but don’t worry!

    We will be bringing back KitPvP, but reforming it into BattleGrounds. BattleGrounds is a PvP server where you purchase items using tokens. BattleGrounds is like KitPvP, but without all the crazy kits! Instead, you use your tokens to purchase cool items in the BattleGrounds token shop. Everyone starts off with 1 kit, there is no inventory death drops and no item durability. Earn your way up and have the blast of a lifetime!

    Creative >

    Creative’s time on IDMC has unfortunately come to an end. The game mode has been officially removed, instead of it being discouraged and just removed from the menu. The deletion of Creative was due to it being dead a lot of the time. Some of you may be sad, but others may not care because they never built on there, however, for those of you who are sad, don’t fret! The map download is available here! Everyone’s build is still here, just not on the server to be enjoyed with other players.

    We apologize to those who did enjoy building with others on there, but there’s always CRP for that! We hope you understand.

    SurvivalRP >

    The way farming works on SRP has been reworked. Since SRP mob collisions have been enabled, entity limits only apply within GriefPrevention claims, mob spawners operate faster, and natural mob spawns around the server have been improved

    Hardcore Survival >

    Like KitPvP, Hardcore Survival (also known as Hardcore Vanilla), was temporarily discouraged/removed. It was usually dead, but we’ve decided instead of completely removing it, we’d have, “seasons”, of HCS.

    Seasons will last two weeks. Borders are smaller and player statistics will be recorded. At the end of each season, players will be rewarded according to top kills, hours played, and blocks mined. Vanilla will be a quick, fun game mode that will earn you prizes such as titles, ranks, and more!

    General Updates >

    A series of minor changes including:
    • nSurvival (1.8 combat, added TreeFeller, disabled player collisions, improved/updated plugins)
    • SurvivalRP (fixed bugs/performance issues, mob limits/collision, removed jobs, disabled weather)
    • Factions (removed King of the Hill, disabled player collisions, nerfed CE enchants, increased CE prices)
    As always, changes are viewable here!

    Future Plans >

    The big plan for IDMC as of right now is the introduction of BattleGrounds (remake of KitPvP), a new and improved Skyblock server, and a PE edition of IDMC. The production of OP Prison and mini-games will be delayed as a result, but I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed for these other projects. Stay tuned for next time!



Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Melodaze, Jun 1, 2018.

    1. oFrostyy
      May I just ask, why ultimately DID you remove Creative? Because from what I think, "being dead" isn't a brilliant reason to remove an entire game. Because although it might seem "ded", people still used the server, and liked it because it was peaceful and less busy than CRP. I'm not trying to "hate", I just don't think the decision is fair to those who used Creative.
      In my personal opinion, it should stay discouraged, so then the people who want to can use it. Unless the real reason is the money, that causes NOBODY any harm, the people who really care use /creative, and the new people won't even know about it.

      Thanks for hearing me out.
    2. Mwolbom
      It's a very inefficient business model to keep gamemodes that have been replaced/have died out.
      Last edited: Jun 1, 2018
    3. oFrostyy
      Creative hadn't died out though.. People still used it.
    4. Melodaze
      @oFrostyy Nothing in life is, “fair”, so that isn’t a valid reason either. We’ve been trying to get rid of Creative for a while now because we’re trying to cut down on unpopulated servers and we have CreativeRP for a reason. Don’t think that this was just a spur of the moment thing. You can still access your builds through the map download as well.

      It makes me sad that you’d even think we shut it down because of money. Money is not a factor in this situation. It’s simply something we’ve been planning for quite some time. We can’t please everyone and removing Creative is not the end of the world.

      I’m sorry that you’re upset about its removal, but we can’t bring back a dead game mode when the players on Creative can just go to CRP or recover their builds off the map download. Your argument for keeping Creative discouraged is not strong and what you’re arguing against has more cons than pros in the long run. It’s what is best for the future of IDMC.
    5. oFrostyy

      I'm not arguing for the sake of a comeback, but I just wanted to say:

      I still don't really understand why you're removing it. Because from what I can tell, removing it will cause more upsets than keeping it, seeing as if, as I said, the people who do Creative can just do the command, newcomers won't even know it's there. I (for one) like Creative FOR its desertedness. It helps me think, and same with some others.

      I'd understand where you're getting it from if the server is completely empty, but it is not, which is the problem. Leaving it there is leaving absolutely no mark on iDMC, except for the money, which is why I suggested it. As I said earlier: it's hurting nobody having it there.
      When you say "its what's best for iDMC in the long term" I disagree with that because of the points I said before, it's leaving absolutely no mark.

      I obviously respect your decision, I'm just trying to chip in from a players point of view. I don't agree with your reasoning to remove it: but I guess I'm just me.

      I didn't mean to argue, but yeah. Please take my point of view into consideration.
    6. Mwolbom
      I mean if you like the "desertedness" you could just go on singelplayer, keeping a gamemode so a selected few can go on there to feel "alone" or whatever isn't much of a reason I think. From what I can see, creative is just like creativeRP but with a few added perks to make it more roleplay-friendly and the fact that it's much more populated. Just turn of the chat and tptoggle if you want a more private experience.
    7. Dwight_destroyer
      Well, I downloaded the creative map, but how will I find my plot tho?
    8. Paisey

      I understand you enjoyed this game mode however the “desertedness” can be easily achieved by one: a single player world, or two you can easily turn off your chat and teleportation on CreativeRP. You can access your builds from the world download so that should be an issue. Creative was dead, removing this makes us able to achieve more. People think it’s always about money and that’s not true. Keeping the server fresh and having things people want is the best for the server. A few people upset about it isn’t any reason for us to completely re-add the game mode. We want everyone to be happy but that’s not something we can achieve all the time. Please understand the staff team and server Managment found it was best to remove this. We’ve told people for a long time the game mode was dead and we discouraged it and almost no one was ever on it for a long time. There is no reason to continue this on, think its about the money, etc. it’s just the best thing for the server.

    9. Illusion
      3.6GB creative map

      Btw SurvivalRP isn't only about spawner farming ;) ;)

      Be ready to see the server crashing with sugarcane next month
      Or me breaking the economy -\_('_')_/-
    10. SophieMightBeAPie
      Me: looks over at thermostat
      11.2 degrees celcius
      help me
    11. Vrxkz
      I really like the updates and changes to the server. I like the idea of seasons on HCV, but I would like the seasons to be a little longer, like maybe a month. I also really like the battlegrounds idea. Very positive changes!
    12. OhKayy
      i agree hcs should be about a month it would be much more fun because for some people it can take awhile to get materials and it would make for a much more fun gamemode because you get to play for a month get what you want done then after a while you can start all over again now my past experiences with hcs is it only takes me a about a day or less to get full p4 "god armor" so i like to rush to get the dragon egg and explore then make my base and having only 2 weeks to do that wouldnt be much fun because it would get repetitive after a few seasons because i like to do a lot of stuff hcs shouldnt be a grind every two weeks to get as many kills or get a ton of hours
    13. agdodvai
      Conratulations @Tyncci for Staff of the Month!
    14. FromKittyToKat
      Too bad I am in Australia and it's winter and I'm sick :(
    15. Dwight_destroyer
      can anyone answer me? how will I find my plot on the creative map? I didn't expect it to be removed so I don't have coords?
    16. Maxiii
      How will I find my 2 years of work that's been on Creative? I worked hard on my stuff in there. Even if creative is 'dead', it's still a place for a few people to hang out, and now it's not anything. Losing ranks is unfair on people that got Donor while they could, even if you have a no money back policy. I'm just sad for this server, it might as well leave like most of my friends are. Never coming back unless I have some reason to.
      Dwight_destroyer likes this.
    17. Wolf_Girl42
      Hello Everyone, I can't wait for KitPVP to come back although I hope they add rank levels.

      Cya all!
    18. Liv
      BLUEWIZARDNINJA likes this.
    19. ZenviZi
      The updates sound interesting!

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