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New Ranks Released

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Cobwebster, Jan 1, 2017.

By Cobwebster on Jan 1, 2017 at 8:23 PM
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    Jul 25, 2016
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    Today i'm happy to announce our new global ranking system! This system not only gives the community more it also makes it cost less whilst making it easier to manage on our end!​

    New Ranks:
    VIP / VIP+ / MVP / MVP+​

    All old ranks will stay the same, if you have one of the old ranks you can also continue to upgrade it with the old upgrade system. If you wish to buy one of the new ranks, you'll have the benefits from both your old rank and the new one. So if you're for example a redstone rank and you purchased VIP, you'd have the perks from both ranks but only 1 prefix. Either Redstone or VIP.

    If the global rank removed your old one, you can claim back your old rank on our store HERE

    If you're using a new rank and you notice a missing perk, please report it HERE Some issues are resolved by our next reboot.. For example stairs & /nick on some servers.

    If you've donated to our store before 2017, you're entitled to one of the new ranks for free! Assuming your total donation amount is equal or more than one of the new ranks, use this form HERE if you believe your total donation amount is equal to a new rank. This is not a automatic process so please allow up to 48 hours for your rank to be given.

    If for some reason you're having issues with missing perms from a previous rank, please message me on the forums giving your IGN, Rank and the issue you're having.
    You can also contact our support skype : CobwebsterUK


    Old ranks get new ranks for free if your total donation total to our store is equal to a new rank; if you buy a new rank, you keep all your current ranks and the perks just overlap so you don't lose anything from buying a new rank if you're a person with a old rank.

    Donation history is only accepted if the payment was before 2017.
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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Cobwebster, Jan 1, 2017.

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    1. Paxton
      Woooo! New ranks~
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    2. Pluffmoody
      Im rick Harrison And im happy about new ranks
    3. Renatuh
      Okay so that I bought the [stone] rank on SkyBlock and Normal Survival means I qualify for VIP+? I filled in the form anyway I hope I got it correct
    4. Illusion
      Cobwebster , Wich rank can fly in skyblock , beacuse no one with vip-mvp can atm , and when will you add support for paysafecards?
    5. Cobwebster
      No new rank comes with /fly, atm its not compliant. We're looking into a way where its compliant.

      We're gonna look into adding paymentwall by the end on jan
    6. Logan
      This is very cool cobwebster :)
    7. Lackadaisically
      If you are a supporter and have donated for a few months will the donation money be counted on for a higher rank? Otherwise will it just depend on one rank that you bought.
    8. Cobwebster
      Every renewal adds to the total, so if you've been supporter for 2 months that'll be $15 and not $7.50
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    9. ascott2002
      So we will have to wait up to 2 days for the free one to actually be given? Alright.
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    10. Cobwebster
      Probably not, it'll probably be much less but its manual so i'm not gonna say a time like 2 hours because people panic when they don't get it. Its a free rank for those using the form anyways so its not something we're gonna put all our man power into. We're fixing the missing perms atm
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    11. Anoukh
      What about us who exceeds the mvp+ with our ridiculous amounts of donations? can we split them between alts? i moved my obsidian to my alt for example. How will that go?
    12. Cobwebster
      Alts sure, other people probably not. Msg my skype and we will sort it out.
    13. QuikMiner
      Yes! I am probably gonna donate later on ;)
    14. ascott2002
      What is the deal with /fly now? I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that you are supposed to keep it(correct me if I'm wrong)if you get the new ranks after filling out the form. I'm confused.... And everything I have been told didn't really help me to get a better understanding...:(
    15. Cobwebster
      Claim back your old rank from the store, atm its possible to have a global rank and /fly at the same time. you need to claim back your old rank then you keep the global rank on all servers you're default on.
    16. ascott2002
      How do I do that? I really miss the ability, and I want to know how to get it back. Btw, sorry if I'm being annoying :p
    17. Cobwebster
      Not at all :) Go to our store, go to "claiming" and grab the rank you previously had. If you have anymore issues just forum PM me
    18. ascott2002
      Thank you! It works! Although, I'm still kinda sad that I can't have the new rank AND flying(in the gamemode that I had to get the old rank back from), but oh well.
    19. michaelmode
      Even better features! ;D
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