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Prototype Prison - The Plan

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by MasterGabeMOD, Jan 30, 2018.

By MasterGabeMOD on Jan 30, 2018 at 6:42 PM
  1. MasterGabeMOD

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    Aug 5, 2016
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    Hello everyone!

    Over the past few months we've been developing the new Prison server to bring out our awesome new gamemode to the server! I would like to address a few issues and provide an explanation as to how we will be managing the upcoming gamemode.

    (To join, type /server ptprison)

    ▶ Prototype info

    Prototype Prison is our dirty version of our Prison server. It's copied over from our official Prison server and given to you guys to test everything out. You can expect several bugs through our Prototype versions as these versions are completely untested. Your feedback and bug reports are greatly appreciated!

    While I wont be supporting any bugs on the PT versions, I will be taking your bugs and fixing them on the official version. The idea is to collect all needed information and send it over to the real Prison to have the issues resolved. Once the collected PT issues have been addressed on the real version, we will copy over all the fixes and new implementations for players to test out. This cycle of bug fixes will help us bring out our official server much faster! I would also like to note that every new PT version may result in user data being reset. On the official release, all of your data will be reset!

    ▶ What you need to know

    Prison is still at a 50% completion. Many awesome features have been implemented, but there's an issue with this. While everything may look dandy on the outside, it's certainly a festival going bad on the inside. Prison is a complex and tedious project that requires a lot of time and focus. To answer everyone's question on when we plan to release, we have no ETA. We can certainly speed up the process by continuing our Prototype testing, but I cannot give an official date.

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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by MasterGabeMOD, Jan 30, 2018.

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    1. Rybo
      Brilliant, a long awaited glimpse finally!!!
      MasterGabeMOD likes this.
    2. Bren
    3. SCZealot
      I've played prison a couple of times before, but I still have no idea what it is.
      Could someone tell me what it is exactly?
      Last edited: Jan 31, 2018
    4. PineappleDaisy
      Yay! Finally! I have been wanting IDMC to have prison forever!!
    5. Frogg
      Prison is basically a gamemode where you mine ores from different mines. Once your inv is full, you do /sellall to get money. When you have enough you do /rankup. Then you can go to a new mine, for example, /warp b. When you get to rank Z, I do not know what happens because I never reached level Z lol
      SCZealot likes this.
    6. SCZealot
      OOOH ok. That actually sounds pretty fun.
      Guidoughboy likes this.
    7. Guidoughboy
      Believe me, it's not. Prison just messes with your mind to make you think it's fun and suck you into wasting time playing it )_(
      MasterGabeMOD likes this.
    8. SCZealot
      So, it's like a roblox tycoon minus the functionality?
    9. Guidoughboy
      If I knew what that was, I'd probably agree.
    10. SCZealot
      Well think of a tycoon game like the ns economy (and maybe srp economy, but I don't know because I don't play srp) in that you start with making little money at first, but then you get your first ig spawner, then you just keep going until you have like 200 ig spawners, getting millions of dollars an hour, and not doing anything with that money except buying more ig spawners to make even more money to the point where you can practically buy /fly for everyone when they ask for it.

      Think of it like that, but there are lots of green buttons that you just walk over to buy stuff and not have to type /shop every few seconds to sell the iron ingots.
    11. Optimus_is_Cyber
      A prison? So is it like a dark hotel? Jk, I know what is a prison. Can't wait for the full release of it!
    12. Hargur100
      Can you add some custom enchants like explosion??
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