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Skyblock 2.0

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Cobwebster, Jun 7, 2018.

By Cobwebster on Jun 7, 2018 at 11:20 PM
  1. Cobwebster

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    Jul 25, 2016
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    Today we're announcing our brand new Skyblock setup.
    Skyblock 2.0
    As you may know already, Skyblock is almost 2 years old making it IDMC's oldest game mode. Sadly after years of updates and being on the old generation, it has caused some issues with island generation and has caused a lot of issues for new players, because of this we decided to create a new Skyblock setup with a fresh economy, spawn, world and with hundreds of new features.

    Its always sad when a gamemode goes but trust us when we say this is a more feature rich and modern setup. We hope you guys can enjoy the fresh start on this new amazing setup. We don't make these decisions litely but sadly after 2 years we're forced to make a new skyblock setup.

    These are some of the features we're looking to add,

    • ChatAuctions
    • Minions
    • Farming Hoppers
    • Envoy Crates
    • Island upgrade system, lets you purchase more island building space
    • Better /shop and /ah
    • Store Credit / in-game rewards for TOP IS's
    • SellAll wands
    • Better Leaderboards and PvP environment
    • Fresh new economy, this doesn't mean nerfed. We want to give more power to grinders.
    • Realism changes such as ender pearl riding and bandages.
    • Island rating system
    • New spawn/builds
    • Better hopper management
    • Custom IDMC starter island
    • -----
    • Quests
    • Custom menus
    • Custom NPCs
    • Bigger island regions
    • New donator perks, holographic chatting & custom particle wings
    • Visible island boarders, you'll have the ability to see your own island
    • Improved AntiCheat
    • Improved custom deathmessages

    Release Date : 15th June
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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Cobwebster, Jun 7, 2018.

    1. MasterGabeMOD
      Really excited for this! The new skyblock is awesome and a lot of fun!
      ZenviZi likes this.
    2. LAllen71
      Is the whole of the current Skyblock server going to completely reset, or just the economy...?
    3. Cobwebster
      New gamemode entirely. The issues with the current skyblock setup are beyond ECO.
      LAllen71 likes this.
    4. LAllen71
      Ah, I see. And I assume that the old Skyblock will be completely removed and replaced too =‘( Sad times
      MasterGabeMOD likes this.
    5. Froxinite
      MY GAMEMODE, NOOOOO. It will be missed. ;3; Will my rank be transferred to the new Skyblock?
      Cobwebster likes this.
    6. MasterGabeMOD
    7. DeadInside
    8. MaskedRaindeer
      I have a question, If there is a top IS How will we know, Is it just once or every month, when there is a top is, will our is reset (for those who do not win)
    9. kushal28
      I do not agree for the sky block reset because a lot of ppl worked hard and then the reset takes place.I DO NOT AGREE.
    10. DeadInside
      I mean there will always be people that don’t want a reset but resets gotta happen eventually :)
    11. Roboto
      Will we be keeping perms if we unlocked them or will they reset as well? Also will there be an option for no custom starting island in case we wish to take the starter island down ourselves?
    12. Forever_Bolt
      This is going to be an ambivalent experience, first I will lose all the commands I worked hard to get, the island I built for months...
      But they are fixing hoppers.. so ^-^ not all bad.
    13. MasterGabeMOD
      I updated the list since there was some important missing changes to this list.
    14. Sheena
      YAY cant wait.
    15. Hargur100
      It is OK to take some inspirations from a server but I just wanna say that you people took the literal thing which made the server famous. I won't name the server though.
    16. Joson05
      You said minions, farming hoppers, envoy crates, sellall wands. Are they purchasable on store IG or on the website ? If it is on the website, it’ll certainly be a pay-to-win SB..
      Theses minions, farming hoppers and all, isn’t theses ideas coming from Staff member playing on DecimatePvP ? (Melodaze, LivingTheDream, AACommander, etc.)? Just wondering ;)
      Also for the store credit /in game rewards, is it like payout every month for top-is ? We could get money on buycraft ? Buy what?..
      I will be there with my team if it doesn’t matter. Get ready for leaderboard!
    17. x0rang3x
      In my opinion reset is good, BUT. to not let people down, may be you can transfer ender chest contents to new skyblock? so people could store the most valuable stuff they have at least?
      Joson05 likes this.
    18. Lastly
      Definitely will be looking forward to this! Sounds great!:)
      MasterGabeMOD likes this.
    19. kushal28

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