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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Melodaze, Dec 2, 2018.

By Melodaze on Dec 2, 2018 at 9:29 PM
  1. Melodaze

    Melodaze Resigned Melager

    Jul 25, 2016
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    Hey IDMC Network!

    Today, we will be hosting a build competition. The theme will be, “Holiday Builds”. Essentially, you can build anything holiday related. However, if you want a chance for your build to be showcased in our upcoming Christmas lobby, you may also build a Christmas tree. The only requirement is that your build is within 40 blocks wide and 100 blocks tall. By entering this competition, you may also earn the chance of becoming a Builder on the network!

    Winners will be chosen by the build quality. The overall goal is to make your plot stand out from the rest whilst sticking to the holiday theme. Build whatever you want and we will compare creativity, complexity, and style.

    The competition will last for one week. You will be messaged if you win by next week, December 9, 2018. I wish you all the best of luck, may the best builds win! Start now by running the command, /build, upon joining the network (PC). Feel free to showcase any of your builds in our #builds chat on our public Discord.

    * If you are building with multiple people, you might not be eligible to win certain prizes unless it's apparent of what you built.



    From now until next week, December 9, 2018, a fan art challenge will be held. The theme will be, “Holiday Art”. Essentially, you can draw anything holiday related, but have some correlation to iDeactivateMC. By submitting your art, you may earn the chance to be featured in one of iDeactivateMC’s videos as well as earning a rank on the IDMC Network (VIP+)! Art can be digital or hand-drawn, whichever one you prefer.

    You will submit your art in the #fan_art channel on our public Discord or, alternatively, you can tweet your art to @iDeactivateMC. Best of luck to all, I hope to see some cool drawings! :)



Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Melodaze, Dec 2, 2018.

    1. MasterGabeMOD
      Good luck, have fun everyone!
    2. DeadInside
      ye ye ye ye ye ye
    3. Cqts_trevligt
      Sounds Great! But how you decide on build quality?
    4. Zed
      Can the build be made in any server, world, game etc?
    5. Melodaze
      You have to be building on the /build server for it to count.
    6. Jupeful ~ Chris
      Jupeful ~ Chris
      Nice, good luck to all the participants! :)
    7. LowlyGentlemen
      Yo I’m offended... where the OG boys at?!
      ClippsiReal and BeefySkate5 like this.
    8. Mwolbom
    9. 1romeni
    10. Pug
      If I were good at building and could play minecraft this would be perfect for me.
    11. Tyncci
    12. BeefySkate5
      [404] Excuse my comment but I do not possess this "Build" quality [404]
    13. Zed
      BTW-- are certain world edit commands restricted for players? I've seen some works of world edit commands that I (in particular) am unable to do.
      Is this a rank thing?
    14. Melodaze
      I didn’t set up the permissions but I can check. Which permissions are you being restricted to in particular?
    15. Zed
      I am unable to do certain //set commands for blocks, and commands such as //sphere or //cyl etc I am unable to use.
    16. IdConfirmed | Mackenzie Molloy
    17. Koko
      Congrats to Imillegal_ for winning the competition!
    18. ClippsiReal
      didn't know people still played minecraft
      LowlyGentlemen likes this.
    19. JJGAMING
      whens this happenening?

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